A community driven project that aim to create DEX for Metaverse tokens.

SchotEx token is designed to fit perfectly into SchotEx Ecosystem as a Governance token with multiple use case,SchotEx token will allow the community to use Schotpad, Schotswap, SchotNFT, Farm token, Stake token, and vote on upcoming proposals.




SchotEx will start as a community driven project that aim to create DEX for Metaverse tokens.

and brings new dynamics by serving through utility & purpose.

  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 152,562,652
  • CONTRACT ADDRESS: The contract address will be available soon


$SCHOTEX combines the best of world's unique tokenomics in the “$SCHOTEX” contract – ability to have a strong and secure liquidity pool that is locked, and the ability to market its product, and still give back to investors that hold.


1% - Liquidity

When a transaction takes place there will be a fee which will automatically be added to our liquidity pool in order to increase our floor day by day and stabilise $SCHOTEX.This feature is turned on immidiately at launch and turned off in the future


1% Dynamic Rewards

As each transaction takes place three percent will be used for reflections, hence be rewarded in our native token $SCHOTEX. This feature will be turned on immidiately at launch and turned off in the future


3% - Marketing

Our marketing wallet will be growing as each transaction takes place. We will then gradually sell in lower amounts over a period of time, this will serve for marketing.This feature is turned on immidiately at the launch and turned off in the future

Max Transaction

0.5% To Binance Exchange

0.5% of the max supply has been sent to Binance Exchange. This will serve as airdrop to all verified users on binance exchange in future, $SCHOTEX must hit at least 100,000 token Holders before the airdrop as the goal is to be the most distributed community token

Max Transaction

2% - Max Transaction

Crypto whales have destroyed many promising crypto projects before they could even get started. We’ve taken steps to prevent predatory whales from manipulating the price. Each investor will be limited to buying/selling two percent of max supply. This will be removed over as we progress.

No Team Token

79% Gradual Burning

beside 20% initial milestone burn at launch,59% of the Max supply will be burnt gradually, using Burning Per Transaction mechnicism ,The Total supply keep reducing, creating scarcity in the market and adding more value to SchotEx Token. This will be turned off in the future as we progress

Token Allocation

  • 8% Private Sale
  • 31% Initial DEX offering
  • 20% Early Milestone Burn
  • 15% DEX Listing Allocation
  • 15% CEX Listing Allocation
  • 10% Team
  • 1% Learn to Earn & Binance Exchange Airdrop
  • 8% Private Sale
  • 31% Initial DEX offering
  • 20% Early Milestone Burn
  • 15% DEX Listing Allocation
  • 15% CEX Listing Allocation
  • 10% Team
  • 1% Learn to Earn & Binance Exchange Airdrop

Why Join $SCHOTEX Community?

Liquidity Locked

For the security of your investment, the $SCHOTEX liquidity is locked .

No Mint Function No Honeypot

This means that no SchotEx can be minted in the future and no attackers can gain access to contract.

Committed Dev Team

Our Devs are focused on SchotEx projects.

79% To Be Burnt

79% of the Max supply will be burnt gradually, only 21% will be in circulation. There will be a public voting; if need be for more token burn.

Meet Our Team



Lead Dev

Donald Sandoval

Developer & CTO

Nuo Genghis

Strategic Advisor

Bingwen Zixin

Lead Product Manager

Road Map

No other token that exists today on the crypto space that is more ambitious and aggressive as SchotEx. We believe in the process.The roadmap presented is just a simple plan of the future. HODL $SCHOT.

Initial Website launch

SchotEx Official webiste will be launched, updates made as we progress


Initial DEX offering Starts

IDO sale starts and token distributed 78hour after launch on pancakeswap. Unsold token will be burned


Launch On Pancakeswap and other prominent DEX and CEX

SchotEx will be launched on pancakeswap within 24hours of IDO completion, 0.5% sent to Binance Exchange for future airdrop.


Initial Marketing Campaign

You came across SchotEx becuase of the ongoing marketing campaign.


Community growth

We need to grow our community in every country and every language of the world. you can get involved as a community Condinator and Moderator in your locality.


CoinMarketCap Listing

SchotEx getting listed on Coinmarketcap


CoinGecko Listing

SchotEx getting listed on CoinGecko


Trust Wallet Update

Updating SchotEx logo on TrustWallet.


Influencer marketing push

Connecting and getting involved Influencers from different social media pletforms


Smart Contract Audit

SchotEx contract will be Audited by good independent company.


20% SCHOT Token Burn

SchotEx Token milestone burn activates


SchotSwap Beta launch

DEX platform for the ecosystem


CEX Listing Voting

The community will vote to decide the first Centralized Exchange SchotEx should be listed base on the current token performance and community strength


SchotPAD Beta launch Voting

Multichain IDO platform for fund raising, crypto projects launch etc


Binance Exchange Users Airdrop

Binance Airdrop activates immidiately SchotEx hits 100,000 Holders. meaning get to 100,000 $SCHOT holders before the Airdrop activation.


SchotWallet launch Voting

Privacy focused, Multichain, Non custodial wallet with advanced features and security


SchotEx Mega Tour

SchotEx Community will love to network and learn from each other. there will be Events for the community in different locations.


SchotEx Mega marketing Starts


Enabling Staking


SCHOTNFT Market launch Voting


Ultra SchotEx Burn

3% Burn Per transaction will be activated, automatic buyback and burn will be activated, and all the token generated on the marketing and development wallet for the period of 124 days will be burnt. Here we plan to burn atleast 30% from the remainning circulating supply, leaving only 22,426,709,902.8 SCHOT


SchotEx paper Full Version Release

The Full SchotEx Paper will be made public .


Website Redesign

The Official website upgrade, will be progressive.


All Transaction Fee Stops

Marketing fee, Reward fee and Liquidity fee will end forever. The Limit on Max Transaction will also be removed.


Hall Of Fame

There is no other way to celebrate individuals who brought their different ideas, commitments, finances etc, for the success of this global experiment. This is time to recognize our community moderators,dev team and inflencers on this global platform, as we move into the next phase of SchotEx Projects


Secret Project Launch

Undisclosed Project to increase crypto adoption and Increase $SchotEx token value, this is the main product of SchotEx which was kept secret. our devs are working on this from the beginning.


Frequently Asked Questions

The contract address will be available soon
We have a max/total supply of 152,562,652 $SchotEx tokens. 79% max supply will be burnt gradually
1. Tap the icon beside "Collectibles"
2. Scroll to the bottom of the list
3. Tap add custom token
4. Change the network to BSC (it stays on Ethereum by default)
5. Paste the $SCHOTEX contract address below
the contract Address Will be released here at launch
and it'd load the information automatically (if you even search SCHOTEX, it will appear in the address bar)
6. Enable it
You will be rewarded in our native token automatically.
Yes . The Liquidity Pool will be locked at launch.
YES, Each investor will be limited to buying/selling two percent of SCHOTEX's max supply. This may be adjusted over the upcoming weeks/months where we progress.
YES, but due to the fact we are a reward token - we will need to make changes to the contract as we go along. For example we will be able to turn rewards/contract sells off to prevent heavy dumps.SCHOTEX will be renounced in the future through a public voting to enable the community decide what they want.
YES, There Plan to stop per transaction fees, you can check the roadmap for details.